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Leather pants, Chaps, Leather garments

Lustfashion is a young leather garments and leather pants shop, which has, however, made ​​for several years on the basis of product quality and reliability, mainly due to its individual customer contacts a name worldwide. With us you can buy leather pants, leather jeans and dresses. Even Chaps can be found in our online shop. A reasonable price-performance ratio completes the overall picture.

The leather products, especially leather garments, are made primarily on a customer order or custom-made in small quantities. The main focus is on the sector of unusual leather pants and leather jeans. The product range also include breeches, boots and pants or breeches above, and chaps. Each leather pants and leather jeans can be unlined as an additional option, made ​​with a full leather lining or without knee joint.

Leather trousers, leather jeans

Each leather pants can zip or button placket and are customized to the customer templates.

All leather pants, leather jeans, breeches and chaps are available with various side stripes, or solid color available. In our leather garments online shop, we place great emphasis on exclusivity and choice and pollutant leather qualities. With us you can buy leather pants inexpensive and order leather clothing, which are also suitable as motorcycle pants..


Leather trousers in carpenter style in different colors

Leather trousers in carpenter style...

only 185,00 EUR
Knickerbockers Knee shorts in different colors

Knickerbockers Knee shorts in...

only 145,00 EUR
Jockstrap in different colors

Jockstrap in different colors

only 65,00 EUR
Leather Shirt Police cops police style black colored edgings

Leather Shirt Police cops police...

only 158,00 EUR
Leather breeches black different coloured stripes

Leather breeches black different...

only 175,00 EUR
Leather pants black with colored side stripes

Leather pants black with colored side...

only 185,00 EUR
Leather Care (base price  59.80 per liter)

Leather Care (base price 59.80 per...

only 14,00 EUR
Leather jacket with hood in different colors

Leather jacket with hood in different...

only 215,00 EUR

New product

Leather Breeches with black side stripes in different colors

Leather Breeches with black side...

175,00 EUR
Leather pants with colored side stripes in different colors

Leather pants with colored side...

179,00 EUR
Design leather pants in different colors

Design leather pants in different colors

219,00 EUR
Leather shorts in different colors

Leather shorts in different colors

125,00 EUR